ARTICLE I             NAME

This Chapter shall be named SUN SEEKERS RV CLUB.


The  purpose of the SUN SEEKERS RV Club shall be the promotion of good  fellowship and enjoyment at regularly scheduled or specifically planned  gatherings of SUN SEEKERS with or without our recreational vehicles.


Regular  Member:  

 A Regular Member must be an owner of a recreational vehicle. A  maximum of two members per recreational vehicle shall be considered as  members.  A recreational vehicle is described as a fully self-contained  hard sided pull trailer, fifth wheel trailer or motor home of at least  24 foot length.  Tent trailers, fold down trailers or pickup campers  cannot be considered for membership in the club.  A regular member who  does not own an “ALFA” Recreational Vehicle may not attend the ALFA  annual Rally. This is per the ALFA Rally Oversight Committee rules.


Social  Member: 

A social member is a former regular member who wishes to remain  in contact with the club,  but they are not able to attend outings with  their RV or they no longer own an RV.  They are welcome to attend all  SUN SEEKER RV Club activities, and are required to pay Annual Chapter  Dues as that of a regular member.   They may not hold office or attend  the ALFA annual Rally.

Deletions or Probationer Memberships -

 A member may be dropped  from the SUN SEEKERS RV Club for the following reasons:
1. Dues are delinquent after September 30th of each year.
2.  Causing a disturbance or not complying with park rules, if such actions  recur after a warning from the Wagonmaster.   A warning from the  Wagonmasters will put the member(s) on probation.  Additional  infractions will be reported to the president whom will, upon conferring  with the other officers, inform the members that they are no longer  welcome in the SUN SEEKER RV Club.

ARTICLE IV                   DUES AND FEES

Annual  dues will be $25.00 per recreational vehicle per year to be due  September 1st of each year.  A new member joining the SUN SEEKERS RV  Club on or after March 1st will pay one-half the annual dues until  September 1st of that year. Dues are delinquent on September 30. The  President will drop a member after Sept. 30th.

Other than site fees, there will be a $20.00 per person, per Outing Wagonmaster Fee. The Wagonmaster Fee is non-refundable.

In  addition, new members will pay a one time $10.00 application fee.  This  is to defer the cost of new member packets and temporary name badges.


ALFA  Recreational Vehicle Owners:  

New applicants who wish to become members  of SUN SEEKERS RV Club need only fill out a membership application form  and accompany it with the applicable dues and the new member fee.

SOME  OTHER BRAND Recreational Vehicle Owners: 

 New applicants who wish to  become members of SUN SEEKERS RV Club must be sponsored by a current  member in good standing.  Both the sponsor and the new applicant(s) must  sign the membership application form and attach it along with the  applicable dues and the new member fee.    


Any  decisions for the good of the Chapter will be accomplished by simple  majority vote of Members of the SUN SEEKERS RV Club present at a  regularly scheduled or specially planned activity.  A quorum of 25% of  the regular members of the SUN SEEKERS RV CLUB need to be present to  validate any vote.

If the president determines an emergency  exists, he/she may call for a vote by e-mail/mail to temporarily resolve  an issue. The results shall be validated at the next regularly  scheduled meeting where a quorum exists. If a quorum has not been  reached within 12 months from the date of the emergency e-mail/mail  vote, the results become final.  

ARTICLE VII                  OFFICERS 

The  election of officers shall be held at the Outing immediately preceding  the September Outing, and the duly elected officers will assume their  duties at the September Outing.  A two-year term will be in effect for all officers.

Nominations will be taken from the Nominating  Committee and from the floor.  Nominations may be made to the Committee  prior to the subject outing.

Officers shall be President,  Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and Representative to the ALFA  Rally Oversight Committee.  

The President should not be a Representative  to the ALFA Rally Oversight Committee. It is suggested that a member  hold only one office position at a time.  An alternate as Representative  to the ALFA Rally Oversight Committee will be selected by the President  when/if needed.


PRESIDENT  – Shall conduct all meetings of the membership at each Outing; shall  appoint Committee Chairman as deemed necessary for the good of the SUN  SEEKER RV Club; shall attend to all administrative matters of the SUN  SEEKER RV Club; shall serve as Wagonmaster for the SUN SEEKER RV Club at  the ALFA Annual Rally.  If the president owns a recreational vehicle of  some other brand, he/she will not be eligible to attend the Alfa Annual  Rally, and thus should appoint a replacement as Wagonmaster for the Sun  Seekers at the Alfa Annual Rally.

VICE-PRESIDENT – Shall assume  all the duties of the President in his/her absence; shall assist the  President in accomplishing any special assignment he/she may make for  the good of the SUN SEEKERS RV Club; is responsible for the coordination  and assignment of Wagonmasters for outings; is responsible for the sale  and re-ordering of all SUN SEEKER items and maintaining an inventory of  these items.  An inventory report will be presented at each business  meeting.  The inventory does not include customized SUN SEEKER Clothing  which is ordered by members individually.  It does include the premade  rally vests.  The Vice President shall transfer all records of future  outings and inventory, in good order, to the newly elected Vice  President.

SECRETARY – shall act as scribe at all meetings; shall  write and mail all correspondence according to the President’s  instructions; shall read the minutes of the previous meeting and other  important incoming correspondence; shall transfer these records in good  order to the newly elected Secretary.

TREASURER – Shall receive  and disburse SUN SEEKER RV Club funds and purchase necessary supplies,  with the interests of the Club and by the President’s instructions;  shall furnish a financial statement at meetings; shall have the  Treasurer’s reports and records in good order to be available to the  Audit Committee before being transferred to the newly elected Treasurer.

REPRESENTATIVE  TO THE ALFA RALLY OVERSIGHTCOMMITTEE - This representative must be a  ALFA recreational vehicle owner.  The representative will attend and  represent the SUN SEEKER chapter at ALFA Rally Oversight Committee  meetings.


 Committees shall be:

1.   Nomination- Shall be appointed by the President; shall obtain names of  persons who will agree to accept nomination, shall submit names of  nominees to the President prior to election; shall conduct the election  and then give elected names to the President who will make  announcements.

2.  Audit - Shall be appointed by the President;  shall audit financial records kept by the Treasurer.  Upon being  satisfied that the records are in good order, the committee shall  present a signed report to the President before transferring the records  to the newly elected Treasurer.

3.  Kangaroo Court – The  President shall appoint a different sheriff and judge for each Outing.  The sheriff will keep a record of transgressions and will bring them  verbally to the judge’s attention during kangaroo court.  The judge will  then dispense “justice”.

4. Ad Hoc – As needed



1.  The Wagonmaster is in-charge of each Outing. They are responsible for  the dates and location of the Outing.  The activities are at the  discretion of the Wagonmaster.  The Wagonmasters are to inform the  President, during an outing, or activity, if any attendee has failed to  submit a signed Hold Harmless Clause, an outing registration form and/or  the Wagonmasters fee.

2. There shall be a minimum of three  camping type outings per year.  Camping type outings may not be less  than two consecutive nights and not more than seven consecutive nights. 

3. A single event outing may be a dinner at a selected location, or other activity at the Wagonmasters discretion.

4.   Guests may attend SUN SEEKER Outings on a space available    basis and  after all members have had an opportunity to register for the Outing.   Only one ‘Guest RV’ per member each year.  They can bring different  guests, but not the same one repeatedly.   They are subject to the same  Wagonmaster fee and camping fees as the regular member.

5. Only  Regular Members who have an ALFA Recreational Vehicle may attend the  ALFA Annual Rally.  This regulation was set forth by the ALFA Rally  Oversight Committee.


1.   MEMORIAL DONATION - In the event of the death of a   member-in-good  standing [current on dues], the SUN SEEKERS will make a $100.00 donation  in the name of the deceased, to a charity chosen by the surviving  spouse.

2.  NEWSLETTER ADVANCE - There will be a $300.00 advance  paid to the Newsletter Editor for Newsletter mailings, on a continual  renewal basis of these funds up to, but no more than $300.00 per  request.  Records of expenditures and receipts will be submitted to the  Audit Committee, for review, at the time that the Treasurer’s records  are submitted, or at the time that a new newsletter editor is selected. 


3.  RALLY BASKET - The SUN SEEKERS Treasury is to provide $75.00 toward the SUN SEEKERS annual Rally Basket each year.


4.  WAGONMASTERS REIMBURSEMENT - The SUN SEEKERS Treasury is to provide a  total of $50.00 to defray the Wagonmasters personal expenses of a  camping type outing. Wagonmasters shall decide how to share the $50.00.


All  attendees of Chapter activities must sign and return to the  Wagonmasters a signed and dated HOLD HARMLESS CLAUSE form as follows:

                                                                HOLD HARMLESS CLAUSE

We  agree that we will not hold SUN SEEKERS RV CLUB, or any officers or  Wagonmasters responsible for any personal injury of any kind, which we  or any member of the family may suffer during the outing.  This  agreement applies regardless of the cause of the injury, and includes,  without limiting it, whether said injury was caused by a condition of  the premises, any club member or any other person.  We make this  agreement in consideration of the expenses in which SUN SEEKERS RV Club  incur by holding the outing for our benefit and recognize that in  signing this paper we may be waiving a legal right to recover damages.

_____________________________        ______________________________                              Signature                                 Date    Signature                                 Date


1.   The by-laws shall be reviewed when needed by the Executive  Board.  The  President shall submit them with changes to the general membership for  review and final approval.

2.  The President shall present the by-laws to the general membership one-outing prior to the vote of approval.


Secretary,        SUN SEEKERS RV CLUB
Adopted:                                   (date)
Revised:                                   (date)