OFFICERS: 2016-2018

President: Duane Chebul          


Vice President: Larry Shilley     

Secretary: Karyn Chebul 

Treasurer: Shirley Shilley  

Rally Oversight Committee Chapter Representative: Rick Gordon   

Historian: Volunteer Needed      
Newsletter Editor:  Jeannette Harper
Website Manager: Jeannette Harper   


Below you will find the Officer Duties as listed in the By-Laws. Also listed are some of the actual duties (per Randy and Lei).

Note:   It is important for the President, Vice President, Secretary  and Treasurer to make a commitment to attend most of the  Outings/meetings during their 2 year term. Missing once in a while is  alright.

PRESIDENT – Per By-laws---

Shall  conduct all meetings of the membership at each Outing; shall appoint  Committee Chairman as deemed necessary for the good of the SUN SEEKER RV  Club; shall attend to all administrative matters of the SUN SEEKER RV  Club; shall serve as Wagonmaster for the SUN SEEKER RV Club at the ALFA  Annual Rally.  If the president owns a recreational vehicle of some  other brand, he/she will not be eligible to attend the Alfa Annual  Rally, and thus should appoint a replacement as Wagonmaster for the Sun  Seekers at the Alfa Annual Rally.

Additional duties per Randy’s notes:

Answers inquiries by E-mail or phone.
Works with Treasurer re: membership dues every Oct.
Forwards new member names to website manager for the Roster
Contact new members; Welcome letter in Welcome Packet sufficient.
Make up & mail out New Member Welcome packet OR assign to Secretary (this can be decided after election).
Open & Close Outings (Wagonmasters are in-charge of the Outing)
Introduce Kangaroo Court. Picks Judge & Sheriff before Outings.
Needs to be aware of any new members attending an Outing.
Co-ordinates with V.P. and Wagonmasters re: Future Outings. 


Shall  assume all the duties of the President in his/her absence; shall assist  the President in accomplishing any special assignment he/she may make  for the good of the SUN SEEKERS RV Club; is responsible for the  coordination and assignment of Wagonmasters for outings; is responsible  for the sale and re-ordering of all SUN SEEKER items and maintaining an  inventory of these items.  An inventory report will be presented at each  business meeting.  The inventory does not include customized SUN SEEKER  Clothing which is ordered by members individually.  It does include the  premade rally vests.  The Vice President shall transfer all records of  future outings and inventory, in good order, to the newly elected Vice  President.

Additional duties per Randy and Lei’s notes:

Makes  sure Future Outing info gets to the President, Newsletter Editors and  Website manager. Provide copy of inventory report to president at each  meeting.  Give money received on sale of inventory to treasurer to put  in Sun Seeker treasury.

TREASURER – Per By-laws…

Shall  receive and disburse SUN SEEKER RV Club funds and purchase necessary  supplies, with the interests of the Club and by the President’s  instructions; shall furnish a financial statement at meetings; shall  have the Treasurer’s reports and records in good order to be available  to the Audit Committee before being transferred to the newly elected  Treasurer.

Additional duties per Randy and Lei’s notes:

Provide  copy of treasurer’s report to officers at each meeting.  Treasurer  maintains bank account and balances the bank statement monthly. Issues  checks at direction of President and/or bylaws. Receives membership  applications and checks from new members. Forwards the forms to the  President. Maintains roster.  Responsible to maintain membership Roster,  and to forward this information to Website Manager for the website  roster.   Provides President with list of those delinquent in Dues on  Oct. 1st.  


SECRETARY – Per By-laws…

shall  act as scribe at all meetings; shall write and mail all correspondence  according to the President’s instructions; shall read the minutes of the  previous meeting and other important incoming correspondence; shall  transfer these records in good order to the newly elected Secretary.

Additional duties per Randy and Lei’s notes:

Send get well cards to members
Make up Temp. Name Badges for new members attending an Outing/Rally.
Shall  make up and mail out New member packets at direction of the President.   (This can be either the duty of the president or the secretary…to be  decided after elections).  Turn in receipts from the expenditures of new  member packets (and other expenditures related to duties) to treasurer  for reimbursement.


This  representative must be a ALFA recreational vehicle owner.  The  representative will attend and represent the SUN SEEKER chapter at ALFA  Rally Oversight Committee meetings.

 Additional duties per Randy’s notes:

Commitment to Outings is not as important as that of the other officers.
Commitment to Rally & Rally Oversight Committee is very important. The Representative  is our voice at the meetings.
Rally attendance, without compensation, is required.  There are two meetings while at Rally. 

ALTERNATE  REPRESENTATIVE- shall attend and represent the SUN SEEKERS RV CLUB at  Rally Oversight Committee meetings when Reps unavailable. To be  appointed by the President.

Staff positions (Historian,  Newsletter Editors & Website Manager) are not filled by election.  (These are volunteer “committees”).
*The Newsletter is not a duty of any officer.
*The Website is not a duty of any officer.