The  1st Sun Seekers Outing was held on Nov. 9th, 10th & 11th, 1984. 6  Alfa Gold trailers met "At the Beach, Grayland, WA." They were buffeted  with high winds and dashing rain, punctuated by brief periods of sun.  The 1st officers were elected at the meeting. (Source: "New Arrival News  Release for the Alfa Sun Newsletter")

The 1st Edition of the  Sun Seekers Newsletter was published in January, 1985. It included the  "registration information" for the 2nd Outing, scheduled for March 8th,  9th & 10th at Camp Benbow, Lake Tanwax, near Graham, WA. The site  fee was $8.00 per night for water, electric and a dump station. The  Newsletter was mailed to all Alfa owners in Washington, Idaho &  Montana.

The Sun Seekers officially expanded into Oregon, as far  south as Eugene, when the Oregon Chapter (Rain Dancers) disbanded in  1993.

Alfa Leisure, Inc. closed their doors on April 30th,  2008. The individual chapters have been allowed to operate without any  Owner's Club control.

In November 2009, The Sun Seekers  celebrated our 25th Anniversary. The celebration included a formal  dinner and a Sunday Brunch for current and past members. During the  Business Meeting we voted to allow non-Alfa RVs owners to become  members. The Sun Seekers also changed their name to: The Sun Seekers RV  Club

In December 2010, the Sun Seekers expanded south to the  Oregon/California border, when the Western States Wranglers RV Club  withdrew from membership in the Owner's Club.

Sun Seekers membership extends beyond the Pacific Northwest. 

The rest is "History".