The ALFA Owner's Club consists of 6 chapters:
(Chapter membership includes membership in the parent club)

Alfa One:
Los Angeles CA. area

Alfa Lone Stars:

Alfa Roadrunners:

Full Timers

Alfa South Loafers:
Southern CA.

Mavericks RV Club:
Central CA.

Sun Seekers RV Club:
The Northwest


In 1974 ALFA Leisure sent out approximately 100 invitations for the first  campout at Salton Sea, CA. 

This resulted in the formation of a chapter  with about 14 members, called the Sundancer Kids. Subsequent Outings  occurred in April & November of 1975.

On April 23-25, 1976,  ALFA Leisure hosted a campout for ALFA owners at Flying Flags, Buellton,  CA. 72 ALFA owners were organized into the National ALFA Owner's  Sundancer Club. It consisted of four chapters: Alfa One, South  Loafers, Wranglers & the original Sundancer Kids. 

In 1977,  the second National Rally was held at the 49er RV Park, Plymouth, CA. 44  ALFA owners enjoyed the western hospitality and sightseeing in Gold  Country.

August 1977 saw the formation of a new chapter, the Sun  Downers, in Washington State. The Oregon chapter, Sun Beavers, followed  in September 1977. September also saw the Sundancer Kids dissolve their  chapter, with members joining other California chapters.

In October 1977, the Sun Roamers was formed to serve the needs of ALFA Full-timers and semi full-timers.

The  3rd National Rally was held April 22-23, 1978, at Trailer Village,  Valencia, CA. Alfa One was the host chapter. Magic Mountain was the  highlight of the Rally. 100 rigs attended.

1979 was a busy year  for ALFA owners. The 4th National Rally was hosted by the South Loafers.  The Rally was held at Camperland on San Diego's [California] Mission  Bay. The main attraction was the Harbor Cruise Dance. 77 rigs attended.

Pismo  Beach Village, Pismo Beach, California was the location for the 5th  National Rally. This was held April 21-27, 1980. 75 member rigs enjoyed  the area beaches and attractions from Solvang to Hearst Castle.

During  the winter of 1980-81, the Sun roamers, Sun Beavers and Sun Downers  disbanded. This left the Sundancers with three active chapters; Alfa  One, South loafers and Wranglers. 

ALFA owners tried their luck  in Las Vegas, Nevada, for the 6th National Rally, April 19-26, 1981. 41  couples enjoyed the activities at the Hacienda Campground. This was the  first time that The Company sponsored a barbeque. 

Santa Cruz,  California, attracted 44 ALFA owners for the 7th National Rally. This  was held April 19-26, 1982. There was a fun filled week from the Santa  Cruz Boardwalk to the fabulous Flying Lady restaurant in Moorage Hill.

Southern  California's Orange County Fairgrounds was the location for the 8th  National Rally, April 10-17, 1983. 72 ALFAs attended and enjoyed a busy  week that included everything from Disneyland to a Swap meet. A trip to  the ALFA factory, to observe units under construction, was included.  

The  9th National Rally occurred in Central California, at the Lodi County  Fairgrounds, April 1-8, 1984. This was the largest rally thus far;  127 rigs. Some rigs had to be turned away. Three new chapters were  formed during this rally: the Sun Seekers [WA.], Rain Dancers [OR.] and  the Happy Wranglers [a spin-off from the Wranglers]. Plans for a  National Board of Directors were also made at this rally. The Board was  selected and met in May & October of 1984.

In 1985 the  Sundancers returned to Central California for the 10th National Rally.  This was held at Okayed Lake Resort, in Manteca. This rally broke  previous attendance records with 179 ALFA owners. The activities ranged  from bus trips to San Fransico and a "Gambler's Special" to Lake Tahoe.  The were also trips to a Hershey's Plant and an Almond Processing Plant.

In June 1987 The Happy Wranglers changed their name to the Mavericks.

The Roadrunners formed in 1987.

Sept. 1993 ALFA introduced the first "SEE YA" model 5th wheel.

In  1993 the Rain Dancers disbanded. Oregon was divided at Eugene, with  members from Eugene North to the Sun Seekers, while those to the South  went to the Wranglers.

1996 saw two chapters formed: The Lone Stars in August and the Sunrisers in October.

2001: Motor homes given the 'SEE YA' name

May 2004 all ALFA RV's became the 'SEE YA' models.

October 2004: the Sunrisers split into two seperate chapters.
Sunrisers: East of the Mississippi River, South of the Mason-Dixon Line. 
Sunchasers: North of the line. 


April 2008: The Sunschasers Chapter disbanded, absorbed back into the Sunrisers.

April 30, 2008: Alfa Leisure, Inc. closed it's doors. The Owner's Club & Chapters continue on without any corporate backing.

August 2008: Wranglers changed their name to Western States Wranglers RV Club.

September 2008: Owner's club dropped 'Sundancers' from the name

March 2009: Sunrisers chapter, everything East of the Mississippi River, withdrew from membership in the Owner's Club.

November 2009: Sun Seekers changed their name to Sun Seekers RV Club.


December 2010: The Wranglers (Western States Wranglers RV Club) withdrew from membership in the Owner's Club.