Select a location by considering the following:

a.  Are sites big enough to accommodate big rigs with slide outs? (Slide outs on both sides?)
b.  What is the cost per night?  Are there any extra charges for:
(1)      More than two persons?
(2)     Cable TV?
(3)     Pets?
(4)     Use of electric heaters or air conditioners?
c.  Amenities – pool, clubroom, kitchen, restrooms, showers, power for roaster ovens, electric grills, skillets, etc.?
d.  Deposit required? If a deposit is required when making a commitment, send receipt to the Treasurer for reimbursement.
e.  Latest date for reservations? (Firm/Flexible?)
f.  Refunds for cancellations?
g.  Fun things to do and see in the area?
h.  Check out a bakery nearby if you plan on cakes or goodies.
i.    Club meeting room is necessary. Will our club have exclusive use during  our stay?  Are tables and chairs furnished?  Is there an extra charge  for the clubroom?
j.   If the kitchen is available, is there a stove  and refrigerator?  Are utensils furnished?  Is there sufficient power  for the Wagonmaster Meals and a men’s breakfast? Any extra charge?   

After  you have reserved a place for your Outing, provide a “Chapter Outing  Form” to the President, Vice-President, Newsletter Editor and Webmaster,  covering all of the pertinent information such as name of RV Park,  address, telephone number and directions to the park.  

Make up  an activity schedule so that members will be prepared for any potluck  dinners, happy hours, swim time, golf, etc.  When planning activities,  don’t crowd too much into the outing. This information needs to get to  the Newsletter Editor so it can be published along with the Outing  Reservation form.      


Save all receipts when shopping for  community food.  At the end of the Outing give all receipts and the  completed Outing Expense Report to the Treasurer.  The Treasurer will  reimburse you for any coffee, tea, morning meeting donuts/goodies and  Birthday/Anniversary Cake/goodies [per vote on May 19th, 2007]. All  Wagonmasters are encouraged to spend, but not exceed, the Wagonmasters  Fee [and any other monies] collected: for such things as food, door  prizes or other forms of entertainment and decorations. No reimbursement  if Wagonmaster Fee is exceeded! Any unused cash is returned to the  Treasurer. The $20.00 per Person Wagonmasters Fee is non-refundable [Per  vote on May 6, 2000]. 

Make contact with the park manager  sometime between the initial visit and the actual outing to ensure  everything is still on track. 

At the Outing, MEET & GREET  all arriving members and guests.  Direct them to their parking sites  that you or the park has assigned.

Ensure that the President has  a list of those in attendance and knows where guests and first timers  are parked as far in advance as possible.  To ensure that temporary name  badges are issued where appropriate, notify the Secretary in advance.  The Newsletter Editor also needs a list of those in attendance. 

Make the first timers and guests feel welcomed. 

Announce  or display as much information as possible.  Find a prominent place for  the Wagonmaster Information Board.  Post activities daily and make sure  everyone is aware of any changes. 

Prepare drawing slips for all attendees for a free night of camping. (Guests are not eligible.)

At  any Wagonmaster’s dinner; new members and guests eat first.  Call  tables in random order to preclude “herding” and long  lines.         


Saturday morning after coffee and goodies is a good time to schedule the Chapter meeting.  Coordinate with the President. 

Sunday  morning is a good time for the Men’s Breakfast.  [The ladies are not  permitted in the kitchen until the food is ready to be served.  Any  ladies found violating this sacred tradition will be discussing the  errors of their ways with the “Judge”. Appoint or designate someone to  be in charge of preparation and cleanup for the Men’s breakfast. 

HINTS:   2 eggs, three sausages, two to three pancakes per person.

Sell  or give away any perishable leftover food.  Give non-perishable to the  next Wagonmaster(s) along with any leftover supplies, Info Board, Alfa  signs, etc.

Try not to let anyone leave without a farewell.  Hugs  are especially important in our chapter.  Your imagination is the limit  on organizing the weekend.  Nothing is written in stone, so improvise  to your heart’s content.

The most important thing is to have FUN and ENJOY!


Small  coffee pot takes ¼ cup of coffee for every 10 cups of water.  Plan on 1  to 1.5 donuts per person, Randy & Cheryl Fabian have two ‘Mr.  Coffee’ coffee makers that the club can use.

Outings: At least  two nights, up to a week. At least one or two Wagonmaster meals  suggested. Potlucks ok, but not too many. More free time the longer the  Outing lasts.